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Do the snow dance! But even without a bunch of fluffy white snow, please keep sending those snow pants to preschool. They keep everyone warm and dry, and the children are making such great progress on dressing themselves we don't want to go backwards!

In case of freezing rain or heavy snow, please be aware of our weather cancellation policy: NHPS follows the Anchorage School District (ASD) guidelines for closures. Snow days are infrequent, but stay tuned to local radio and TV stations for school closure information, or check the ASD website, When ASD schools are delayed one hour or are closed, New Horizons will be closed for that day.
Note: Since conditions can vary greatly across the Anchorage Bowl, please use your own judgment in determining whether it is safe to transport your child to and from school. 


Call us at (907) 344-5835 or email us at
Call us at (907) 344-5835 or email us at