Advisory Council

Mission Statement


Since 1976, New Horizons, a non-profit ministry of St. John United Methodist Church, has been providing a quality preschool educational experience for the whole child. Through play-based curriculum, we provide an environment where children are encouraged to explore, discover, and grow toward their full physical, emotional and intellectual potential.

The New Horizons Parent Advisory Council serves as a liaison between NHPS, St. John United Methodist Church and preschool communities. The council assists with fund-raising activities and meets a minimum of four times each year.

  • New Horizons Preschool has a relaxed and informal atmosphere where children and parents may feel safe and secure.  We invite you to visit us often.  You will find a cheerful and stimulating environment where children explore, discover, and grow toward their full physical, social, and intellectual potential.
  • The programs at New Horizons are structured around learning centers and play activities that enable children to investigate at their own pace while building important foundations for skills in mathematics, reading, science, art, and music.
  • While we celebrate Christian holidays, our doors are always open to families of all beliefs.
  • Our curriculum includes an introduction to American Sign Language as a means of enhancing language development.